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Well done to Plush Tents Glamping!

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Plush Tents (a wonderful client I do a lot of freelance graphic design for) have just been nominated no 13 in the top 25 coolest places to camp in the UK according to The Telegraph this week.

Read it here:


Well done Louise and Macca and an honour to be a part of the artistic vision.


Choosing a designer: ‘Fast Cheap and Great!’

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Good fast and cheap

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When choosing a designer it is a good idea to have a look around and find the right fit for your project.  When it comes to your branding and message, it is important to trust your project to the right, quality designer. Obvious perhaps, but it is best to look for value over cheap; quality over expensive.

Like with most services, designers vary widely in skill, specialisms and training. Have a look at portfolios, credentials, testimonials and reviews. If possible meet the designer / agency face-to-face. You will find plenty on the internet who do not have the confidence in their work to be honest upfront about pricing and are willing to undercut their competition. Designers like this are at high risk of under delivering if this the only way they can win business.

Beware of any designer that claims to offer ‘fast, good and cheap’ as even in today’s business climate it is an impossible utopia.  Good original design takes planning, skill and hard work. You can’t fake it!